Here in the Waterberg we have some of the darkest skies in the world, and clear cloudless nights to
see them as well. The result? The full splendor of the universe is laid out before us. Using an advanced
modern telescope and astronomical video camera my guided tour will introduce you to the amazing
Waterberg night sky - from the comfort of your chair, and in colour.

What this display will show you:

Our Solar System
A spectacular view of whichever of our 8 planets are visible

Jupiter and its 4 largest moons
Saturn and its stunning rings

Out into Deep Space
• The constellations, and the stories behind them.
• Our own galaxy – the stunning Milky Way.
• Our neighbouring galaxies and clusters.
• Diffuse and planetary nebulae, the coloured marvels of the night sky.

The Dumbbell nebula
Omega Centauri cluster
NGC 5128, a nearby galaxy - just 150,000,000,000,000,000 km away
The Eta Carina Nebula

R150 per adult, minimum of R1200.00

For more information on Star Shows contact:
Dr Philip Calcott
Tel: 0147554425
Mobile: 083 55 22 119

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