So much more to the bush than the big stuff

The Waterberg bushveld is a rich ecosystem pulsating with life. Some of it is easily seen and enjoyed, but a lot of the best stuff is shy. The night is the playground for a whole raft of fascinating, but secretive animals, which we rarely get to observe. They are some of the most beautiful creatures we know, and they play a vital role in the complex life of the bush.

How do we get to see the shy ones?

The answer is the camera trap. These cool devices allow us to peer into the hidden lives of our amazing noctural friends . While we may not be able to stay up all night and watch with infra red eyes the antics of these creatures, our camera traps can, and the results can be fascinating.

Camera Trapping – get involved!

We have a set of modern Bushnell camera traps with infra-red sensors, and infra-red flashes, enabling us to capture images of noctural creatures without them even knowing. Solly, our camera trap expert will take you out into the bush to scout for signs of activity and spoor, after that its over to you. Each of you will have at least one camera, and you get to select where to put your camera, and to set it up. Before you leave we will print out for you what you captured. You can even take the images away on CD.

How it works

If you would like to join a camera trap adventure, then contact Solly or Mpho after your arrival on (0782078570). We usually head out early afternoon in the winter, and the excursion takes about 2 to 3 hours, and costs R150 per adult and R100 per child.


A Genet on the hunt
This honey badger has got something
Caracal are definitely shy If you’re really lucky you might capture a majestic serval. This one even waited just till dawn, so we could get him in colour.
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