The first members of the family arrived in the Waterberg during the 1890's.

Great grandmother and great grandfather Molly
and Edward Davidson married in 1906.

The family settled at 24 Rivers in 1902.

24 Rivers house built in 1910.
Always the adventurer, Edward Davidson made a living as a trader using his ox-wagon as a mobile store.

Land was given for a church to be designed by Sir Herbert Baker and built by the community in 1914 on the farm 24 Rivers.

Lois, the eldest Davidson daughter married the Australian, Alfred Baber
in 1928 and the young couple set up home on a neighbouring farm: Boschdraai.


They had three children: Charles, Colin and Jennifer.

Alfred and Lois's two sons, Charles and Colin Baber, both enthusiastic farmers, (seen in the picture on the left an early attempt at farming with oxen) grew to be large men in form and in spirit and worked tirelessly for the greater good of the Waterberg community in many different ways.


In 1961 Charles married Nina Wynne. Together, they bred a Bonsmara stud herd and dealt with the various challenges, thrown at them by the Waterberg.

Now in their late seventies they both still play an active role. Nina keeps an eye on her extensive gardens and her five grandchildren; while Charles , who has received a number of national awards for his contributions to both agriculture and conservation, is now famous for his farm tours.

The Babers have three children: Anthony, Rupert and Juliet.

Anthony and Tessa Baber have built up the wellknown Ant's Nest and Ant's Hill portfolio of Luxury Bush Homes.
  Rupert and Tanya Baber are farmers and partners in Horizon Horseback Adventures. Tanya also has a craft centre manufacturing bead and leather work on the farm.

  Juliet married Philip Calcott and they run Windsong Cottages, the original Baber Homestead.
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