Here at Waterberg Cottages we are incredibly fortunate to be one of only two organisations to have secured traversing rights over the stunning 2000 hectare Belleview Private Game Reserve. As the name implies, Belleview is not a commercially run reserve, it is a private conservancy that is focused on preserving the beauty of the bushveld and its inhabitants.

Its wide open pastures, streams, dams and dense bush are teeming with an unusual prefusion of game of many kinds. Guests can encounter herds of a hundred or more blesbok, get surrounded by a journey of a dozen giraffe, or drive through plains full of zebra, eland and wildebeest.

Amongst the game are some of the less common species, such as roan, tsessebe, sable and buffalo, as well as some glorious trophy examples of staples of the bush, such as kudu and waterbuck.

Allow us to take you on a magical journey through this very special part of the bushveld and share with us the thrill of quietly spying on a stunning selection of the wild beasts of Africa in their natural environment.

Enjoy a morning or afternoon drive with snacks and drinks included.