Waterberg Cottages and the Africamps Waterberg glamping tents are situated on a stunning private 2500ha game reserve. Due to the danger of buffalo, the walking trails cover only a limited portion of the farm, but on our regular game drives guests are exposed to the full variety of biomes on the property: wetland areas, stunning dams, thick bush and open savannah grasslands with panoramic views. Game abounds – from stately giraffe, dazzling zebra and beautifully ugly wildebeest to the regal eland, sable, roan and buffalo. We have almost every type of antelope and the very fortunate may even spot a jackal or an aardvark. Warthog and ostriches, monkeys and baboons .. the list is almost endless.

Guests can encounter herds of a hundred or more blesbok, get surrounded by a journey of a dozen giraffe, or drive through plains full of zebra, eland and wildebeest.

For birdlovers, we are occasionally visited by a breeding pair of blue cranes, and there is a family of pygmy geese that have found a home on one of the dams. The call of the mighty fish eagle is always a very special treat.

Allow us to take you on a magical journey through this very special part of the bushveld and share with us the thrill of quietly spying on a stunning selection of the wild beasts of Africa in their natural environment.

Enjoy a morning or afternoon drive with snacks and drinks included.