Let the stresses of life float away as you bask by our solar-heated 15m pool. Adults can put in some lengths while kids have loads of fun. From the pool there is a vista of five receding horizons, and a front row view of magnificent sunsets toward the end of the day. Sunbathers can also keep an eye out for passing game wandering down to take a drink at a nearby dam.

The size of the pool lends itself to the fun of water volleyball which can keep a whole family group thoroughly challenged and entertained. (There is a pool volleyball net available by request). There is also a volleyball field adjacent to the pool for those who would like to stay dry until the time comes for a refreshing end-of-game dip in the pool.

Volleyball is a great ice-breaker and team builder and one in which old and young, male and female can all participate together. Being adjacent to the pool enables quick pool breaks to cool off in-between matches. What better end to the day than a magnificent sunset, ice cold sundowner in hand, after a refreshing dip in the pool to conclude an afternoon of cameraderie and challenging excercise.