Along with the tales of characters of the past, the tour includes a visit to an historic early settler house, a Herbert Baker designed chapel, tea with scones and jam and a visit to an art gallery.

If you are interested in the past, you may enjoy Juliet’s History Tour.

Juliet grew up being regaled with stories of the past, told by her father, Charles Baber and her great grandfather, Ted Davidson. These two men were both very active in the community throughout their respective lives, working with the Farmer’s Association first to establish roads, the railway and the town of Vaalwater and the establishment of various schools in the area, and then to work for the extension of telephone lines and provision of electricity and conservation.

The various cottages of Waterberg Cottages formed the original home of the Baber family on a farm that was purchased from Ted Davidson. Juliet’s great grandmother’s aunts and uncle had settled in the Waterberg in the early 1890’s and remained here through the years of the South African war. The original Davidson house, built after the war in 1910 and the small Anglican church built in 1914 are both historic.

Juliet presents a History tour in which she tells the tales of old, illustrated by family photographs, and she takes her guests to see the historic home and church. The history tour concludes with tea and scones and a visit of the art gallery of Juliet’s cousin, Liz Hunter.